Steelwork Manufacture Process

The Monkbridge Construction Co Ltd  have a weekly capability of up to 100 tonnes, we are able to meet even the most demanding of programmes.  Our workshop has a full trained and highly skilled workforce and utilise modern CNC machines that are fully integrated with the Drawing Office software.
Our just-in-time manufacturing process is facilitated with steel being supplied from our stockholders in planned ‘Loads’.

Fittings and main shafts are assembled and painted in up to 20 tonne erectable batches.  Shot blasting is carried out pre or post fabrication, thus ensuring that all items are thoroughly cleaned, prior to the application of paint.  Painting is then carried out in a purpose built controlled environment (all types of paint specifications undertaken). Once painted and loaded onto transport we have parking for 10 fully loaded trailers in our ‘goods out’ yard.

Overhead cranes 6 No max capacity 7.5t lift.

FMB semi-automatic bandsaw max section size 686UB/356UC max length 18300.

Boss side loader max lift 4t.

Ficep Excalibur 12 automated drilling machine max section size 1016UB/356UC max length 12,000.

Semi-automatic shot blast machine max section size 762UB max length 18,300.

Alfa 500/150 automated fittings punching and shearing machine max size 400×20 flat max length 6,000.

Bomar bandsaw max section size 533UB/305UC max length 12200

Mega BS 250 HAS bandsaw fittings saw max size 300 wide flat  max length 6,000.

Sunrise ironworker punching/shearing/notching machine max thickness 15mm.

2 Plasma cutters, Powermax85 plasma system Hypertherm.

6 welding stations.

Manual radial drill max section size 838UB max length of section 15,000.